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Not More Christmas Toys?! Cleaning, organizing, what to buy and more.

This weekend we touched base on all things kids Christmas toys found here (#AICSaturdayMorningClean –facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, linkedin)

Today let’s dive deeper and finish up our conversations by going over these key topics.

  • Cleaning your kid’s toy chest in preparation for Christmas; What to do with all that clutter, unused toys, toys your children ‘actually care about’, and more.

  • What to keep and what to throw away; How to preserve these items.

  • How to Clean Baby toys

  • What to buy a child who has everything?

Cleaning your kid’s toy chest in preparation for Christmas; What to do with all that clutter, unused toys, toys your children ‘actually care about’, and more.

If you have a child, chances are you have too many toys lying around! Your little guy or gal has 3 of everything, right? In every shape and size imaginable… the Star Wars version, the Princess version, the Lego, the Shopkins, and so on. Why do they need 1 of everything? Do they really need all that? Well, that’s up for you to decide, hehehe but whether you care or don’t care you are probably reading this post because you, like so many other parents, just can’t take the clutter any longer and more importantly are scared to death of the every-so-scary situation becoming worse once Christmas is over!

Us to! We have two little ones still at home ourselves so this Christmas we are bound to face the… dun, dun, dun, overfull toy chest soon enough.

What do we do?? The simple answer is to TRIM DOWN.

We found this helpful article from www.theminimalistmom.com

here: http://www.theminimalistmom.com/2013/11/declutter-toys-before-christmas/

Their post, “Declutter toys before the holiday madness starts”, gives us some very helpful tips and ideas for this situation.

They give us 3 main points to focus on such as 1) Making note of what is played with, 2) Choosing whether or not to involve your child in the decluttering process, and 3) Decide what to store, donate or sell.

Read the comments below on The Minimalist Mom’s post because that’s where the magic happens. One reader replied that she, “rotate[s]” her “5 year old sons toys constantly” and when he stops playing with them or stops asking for them back, she donates or sells the item (as posted by, Melissa Allen).

One mom says (Megyn) she feels teaching your child at a young age to declutter goes a long way.

But most of the readers agree, that it’s not like they don’t want their children to “get toys”. They just want their children to “appreciate what they get” because “if they get things all the time, it won’t be special anymore.”

Decluttering is the first step! Do what you feel works best for your family/children, but don’t think they need all of their toys all of the time!

So what do we keep and what do we throw away?

It’s important to hang on to those memorable items. My sister’s oldest boy, Noah, was completely obsessed with “Toy Story” from age 3 on up. He still LOVES his Woody doll and keepsake items (he’s almost 10 now) but doesn’t really want to ‘show them off’ or even play with them anymore. He keeps them on a shelf and in a drawer.

When Noah was about 5, he threw his Woody Doll down a heater vent and threw water down after… playing with Woody, setting him on an adventure I guess, but not thinking of the consequence as young children often do. Needless to say, Woody was never to be found again! My sister and her husband tried all they could to get that doll out but he was just GONE! Years later they bought Noah a replica doll and when he opened it for Christmas last year (at age 8) he broke down crying from joy. Noah knows the doll isn’t the same one, but was overjoyed with getting him back anyhow.

I don’t feel that throwing away your children’s toys blindly is the route to take myself, but you’ll know from talking with them as they get older what they truly want to keep and with proper encouragement, they can make good decisions.

Here are some amazing ideas on how to preserve your child’s favorite toys forever!


This article gives us present ideas such as turning a drawing into a keychain, imprinting a damaged teddy bear before throwing it away, preserving your baby hospital hat and I.D. bracelet in an ornament and so on… some great ideas here! Check it out!

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How to Clean Baby toys

OK, so now that we have the items we want to keep and our children’s room’s are decluttered… let’s clean them up so we have the toy chest nice and clean and ready to add more Christmas toys to.

This article shows us how to clean baby toys which can be applied to older children’s toys too!


  • Be sure to wipe toys often – use baby wipes.

  • Sanitize durable, plastic toys with boiling water.

  • Use a damp sponge for other plastic and wooden toys

  • Distilled water, distilled white vinegar, and baking soda make for great cleaning solutions!

  • Some items can be machine-washed and some even dishwasher safe!

  • Most importantly, keep moisture out and away from used toys as often as you can to prevent mold.

What to buy a child who has everything?

NOT THIS Scary Santa, that’s for sure!

Now that you’ve thrown away all your kid’s toys, LOL just kidding, it’s time to buy them something! But you just threw away all the toys “Toy-R-Us” ever made, so now what?

There are other types of toys out there that don’t follow the “trendy” theme but make for amazing toy options… here are some great examples of what you can buy a child who owns everything!


Well we hope you enjoyed this week’s focus on Christmas Toys – maybe learned a thing or two even :)


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