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So What Does My Cleaning Lady ACTUALLY Do While Cleaning My Home?

If you come home and find yourself asking the question, “Hrm, nothing really looks that different, I wonder what my cleaning lady did today?” chances are, she needs fired!

I mean, let’s face it, if you don’t see the value in the specific cleaning service you hired, why are you paying someone else to do something you could, well, not do…

I read a Yelp reply from an unhappy customer in Los Angeles the other day on a question someone submitted titled, “How much do you pay your cleaning lady and what does she do / how many hours does she work?”

The Yelp Question Found HERE

Doug C. said his cleaning lady actually doesn’t do much! He notes that he’s hired his cleaning lady to be at his home for 2 hours a week while he is at work but one day he happened to be home and came to realize that his cleaning lady “doesn’t do much.”

Man, that’s not good! I know I’d certainty want to come home and feel like my cleaning lady did a great job every time she cleaned my home…

But his reply makes me think, does he feel this way all the time or just when he happened to be at home that particular day?

He continues by letting us know that his cleaning lady wipes down the kitchen and bathroom, mops the kitchen and bathroom, vacuums, empties the dishwasher, and washes any dishes in the sink. Doug pays her $70.00 for these services and has a 1 bedroom home.

He wishes his cleaning lady would do laundry, dust, clean the fridge and organize as well and finishes his statement with asking other viewers if he’s being petty or if he in fact should be expecting more.

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There are a lot of replies to Doug saying he’s pretty much hired the wrong cleaning service. That he should in fact be expecting more, way more!

One reply from a Maddog M. in CA gives a pretty detailed list of what his cleaning lady does for him for $80.00 which includes: “…(she cleans the) mirrors that make up my living room walls and pictures hanging, cleans the wood floors in the hallways and living room, Cleans the entire kitchen including mopping the marble floors and cleaning all granite. Cleans all furniture and dusts everything, cleans both bathrooms thoroughly, vacuums the bedrooms. Does the dishes, cleans the oven and refrigerator inside and out etc…” And finishes his reply by letting Doug know that his last cleaning lady was more like Doug’s. Last being the important word here.

So what’s going on here? Is Doug getting ripped off or is Maddog’s cleaning lady overworked?

What’s reasonable and what’s not when it comes to hiring the right cleaning lady for your home?


There are two distinct cleaning services; Housekeepers and Maid Services. Maid Services do things like dishes and laundry, whereas Housekeepers help maintain a home.

With that said, I think the first and most important fact here is, you must have a clear understanding of what your cleaning lady’s responsibilities are and what your expectations are as a client. If Doug knew his cleaning lady was only going to do the few things he listed when he hired her, wouldn’t he be satisfied at the end of the day? I mean, if he signed up for those particular services for $70.00, than all is well, right?

Let’s consider for a moment that Doug in fact did hire his cleaning lady to do all the things he had hoped for, laundry and what not, and he had only felt dissatisfied that particular day.

If so, can we assume his cleaning lady maybe just felt awkward with Doug being home or felt she didn’t want to intrude his personal space? Sure, I guess, but I know when I clean my client’s home while they are there, I still make sure I do what I’ve been hired to do. Reading his overall frustration indicates to me that she probably has never made him happy with her services. If she had only done these few things this one time, he probably wouldn’t have such a bad taste in his mouth so chances are she totally flopped big time and he needs to move on.

So if Doug is never satisfied with his cleaning lady, than we can only assume there is some miscommunication somewhere. Either his cleaning lady failed to explain what she was going to provide or Doug failed to explain what he wanted. Whose shoulders do this fall on? The answer; the Cleaning lady! Your Cleaning service should provide you with a complete checklist of what they will do for you when you enter into an agreement with them.

Now Doug’s unhappy and his cleaning lady just lost a client.

So what can YOU do to make sure you're going to get what you pay for as a client?

__________________________ Make sure you hire the right service of course! __________________________

LOL, ok that can be tricky… Here’s something better:

If you find a cleaning services with these listed in clear sight on their website, flyer, newsletter, advertisement, etc. you are on the right track!

  1. Clear list of complete cleaning packages

  2. Options to customize to suit your needs

  3. Prices listed

  4. Guarantee of dependability

  5. Testimonials

  6. Hours listed

  7. Open lines of communication

  8. Before and after pictures

I wish you luck and hope you find the right cleaning lady (or service) for the job! If you are interested in a consultation with me, I’d be happy to swing by! Email services@allincompassed.com with details of what YOUR NEEDS are and let’s talk!


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