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A Clean Kitchen Counter!

We all use our kitchen counters daily, several times a day in fact… it is the most important room in one’s home after all. Even if you aren’t Martha Stewart and find yourself using that ever-so-convenient Crockpot from time-to-time, like me, you often find yourself in the kitchen, right?

What Martcha's Counters Actually Look Like When She Cooks!

Did you know that some germs can live on the surfaces in your kitchen and on your counter tops for hours, maybe even days?! Sheesh! Kneading dough (or popping a frozen pizza in the oven, let’s be real) for your family’s favorite movie night option just got a little scarier didn’t it? What about the homework your child just sat next to the dough bowls while flying in from school, what’s crawling all over that now?

Leaving your dishes until later – Buzzfeed.

OK, OK, it’s not all that bad, right? I mean you did wipe down the counters before hand and it’s not like you left the mess lying around from breakfast this morning… so it’s safe to say, you’re safe! But it does raise a few questions.

  1. How important is it to keep your kitchen counters clean?

  2. How often should we be cleaning and disinfecting our counters, along with other surfaces in the kitchen?

It’s very important as we should be cleaning before, during, and after preparing food, especially meat and poultry.

Cleaning with soap and water is a great way to remove dirt and most of the germs from our counters and it’s usually enough to do the trick! YAY! So, that means, disinfecting doesn’t need to overwhelm you! Do it often and do it well, but don’t think you need to do it every time you cook.

Be mindful of how long you use your towels and dish rags; don’t let the germs linger for too long… especially the disposable sponge!

Paper towels and disposable sanitizing wipes are great to keep in the kitchen and be sure you clean your cloth towels in hot water often.


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